NHL style power rankings: ‘Gomez Addams,’ David Pastrnak’s hat and the Bruins

Usually, I peruse Twitter and Instagram looking for one player, or maybe two, from every team in the league to create a fair and balanced ranking each week. Being honest, of course, some teams are simply more stylish on a consistent basis, such as the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL style rankings. It would be easy every week to go to their accounts and line my article with their players. I’ve found in the NHL that Patrik Laine frequently puts his best foot and outfits forward, making him the easy pick.

Therefore, I work very hard to make sure I’m not missing players who haven’t received their due. Then I did some more thinking. What if a group of players from the same team really does deserve recognition? I ran into that this week with the Boston Bruins, who collectively brought out some of their best suits and outfits the last two weeks.

But did that translate to a Bruins player owning the top spot? That’s the question — and an answer you’ll have to find out by reading below.

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No tie and no standard white dress shirt? No problem at all for the Vancouver Canucks center. The wine-red, three-piece suit finds its match with Pettersson’s shoes, which also feature a maroon color on the side.

The Bruins left winger breezed into the stadium with a particularly sophisticated, “business is business” look. Nothing about this outfit is loud. In fact, the loudest thing about it is the Louis Vuitton belt in center stage — which if you all read my NFL style rankings, then you know this is easily one of the more subtle ways players wear the brand. Marchand wears a silver watch to match and goes entirely black and white for his outfit, from the plaid suit to the shirt and tie. And while muted compared to the field, it still has just enough intriguing style elements to draw attention to it.

This is such an easy win, so as they say in checkers, “King me.” I think the Los Angeles Kings left winger paying homage to former variations of the team’s design is endearing, especially in a personal piece of clothing. It’s very simple and straightforward.

I genuinely wish I could show you all the range of sneakers that the Toronto Maple Leafs center has sported the last two weeks. His double-breasted, pinstripe suit, with a matching navy blue dress shirt, is a monochromatic dream. But I’m here for the Air Force 1 lows — and the fact he spectacularly matched those with his fit. While other players are wearing dress shoes catwalk after catwalk, he’s showing off his deep sneaker collection, and I love it. I’m hoping he shows off something rare or unique in the coming days and weeks, just to give me another pair of sneakers to delve into.

6. Scott Wedgewood (and Bucky)

Whoever on the Dallas Stars staff put the maroon scarf around Bucky’s neck to match the team’s goaltender needs an immediate raise. Excellent attention to detail. And to…

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