LIV Golf: Phil Mickelson’s Twitter beef with fan has surprise ending

Phil Mickelson had a thrill on Twitter Friday night.

He responded to LIV Golf critics, dished a low blow to Rory McIlroy, and briefly discussed his gambling habits with fans.

Since its inception in early 2022, Mickelson has long defended the Saud-backed LIV Golf Tour, despite its controversial benefactors.

Yet, Mickelson has faced controversy in his career before, whether for his role in insider trading, gambling, or ruffling feathers at a Ryder Cup press conference.

But Friday night, a Twitter user with the handle @golferforelife responded to Mickelson’s tweet with, “Phil, just log off Twitter and be happy you paid off your gambling debts.”

This post came in response to the below tweet from Mickelson:

Mickelson did not ignore the response citing his gambling losses.

Instead, the six-time major winner cheekily said: “Is there something I can do with 800 mil I can’t do with 760?”

Mickelson later deleted this tweet, which was a surprise considering all the other tweets he rifled off Friday. Nonetheless, his deleted response incentivizes that he has paid off roughly $40 million in gambling losses.

Then, in a separate tweet, Mickelson noted that he “has not gambled in years.” He also added that he is “almost a billionaire.”

Later, Mickelson responded to another fan, who called him a “miserable old angry man” with “all the money” with this:

Mickelson has accused the PGA Tour of acting as a monopoly and conspiring with the four majors against LIV Golf for over a year.

He continued doing so Friday via Twitter and fired back at fans and others.

Knowing Mickelson, he likely will not stop anytime soon.

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