Red Sox’s brutal defensive blunder leads to Rays Little League home run

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Little League home runs are always funny to watch … when it comes on a recreational field.

The Boston Red Sox weren’t laughing during their Sunday afternoon matinee with the Tampa Bay Rays when Yandy Diaz’s RBI single resulted in a trip around the bases thanks to an untimely error.

The Rays performed the perfect hit-and-run in the top of the sixth inning as Manuel Margot took off on a 1-2 pitch and Diaz smacked a ball through the second-base hole that opened up when Boston’s Enmanuel Valdez broke to the bag on the steal.

Margot booked it around the bases and seemed to catch the Red Sox off guard as he went for home.

Outfielder Alex Verdugo got the ball in to Valdez, who was way too late in trying to throw out Margot at home. 

That’s when catcher Connor Wong stepped up to try to throw out Diaz, who was running to second base on the throw by Valdez.

But the throw was brutal as the off-balance attempt wasn’t close to the bag, and it rolled into center field.

Another problem: Center fielder Jarren Duran wasn’t even in center field at the time after running for Diaz’s initial hit, which Verdugo cut off before he reached it.

As Duran chased the ball that continued to roll toward the fence, Diaz waltzed his way around the bases to score his Little League home run.

And as you’d expect at Fenway Park, the Red Sox faithful were not happy.

Tampa Bay Rays’ Yandy Diaz, right, scores on a throwing error by Boston Red Sox’s Connor Wong, left, after hitting a single in the sixth inning of a baseball game, on June 4, 2023, in Boston.

Manuel Margot #13 of the Tampa Bay Rays and Yandy Diaz #2 of the Tampa Bay Rays high five each other after both scoring a run in the sixth inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on June 4, 2023 in Boston, Mass.
Getty Images

Diaz isn’t credited with a home run for that sequence of blunders, but he did get an RBI on Margot scoring from the single.

He ended the 6-2 win for the Rays 2-for-5 with a run scored.

With the win, the Rays improved their MLB-best record by moving to 42-19 on the season.

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