Morado meets Brazilian legends in Japan

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(UPDATE) FILIPINA volleyball player Julia “Jia” Morado-de Guzman has shared her first photos for Japanese side Denso Airybees on her Instagram on Tuesday.

Brazilian legend Thaisa Menezes (left) and Jia Morado PHOTO FROM MORADO’S IG

She met Brazilian Olympic silver medalists Rosamaria Montibeller and Gabriela Guimarães, as well as two-time Olympic champion Thaisa Menezes Daher, while in Japan.

“I’ve always been a student of the game, taking in every opportunity to learn what I can. [Monday] was one of the extra special days. It was a privilege not just to watch these amazing players train in person, but also play on the same court with them,” she wrote on Tuesday, accompanying the photo ops with the players.

Montibeller will be Morado’s teammate on the Airybees, and Morado said she looks forward to playing with her soon.

“Jia!! Can’t wait to meet you better and play by your side. See you soon,” commented the Brazilian player on the Instagram post.

Morado signed with the Airybees last week after her stint with the Creamline Cool Smashers during the Premier Volleyball League invitational conference last June.

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