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Canada’s Steve Claggett recently notched his 37th career victory by UD, in defending his NABF title in Montreal, Quebec. With the victory, he also added the WBO International 140-pound title to his trophy case.


The win, over an aggressive and tough, Miguel Madueno (30-2, 28 KOs) sees Claggett (37-7-2, 25 KOs) keeping the momentum going for what he hopes will one day see him contesting for a world title.  

Claggett, interviewed after the fight, knew he was in for a tough night from Madueno who by no means came to play the B-side.


“I knew he would be tough and hungry, so I expected a tough fight, but I can do better; you haven’t seen the best of me yet,” he said.


Claggett turned pro in 2008 as a teenager and over the next 7 years racked up experience and a very impressive record going 20-3-1. Steve banked 20 wins and his only setbacks were 2 razor-thin split-decision losses and a frustrating stoppage in the Philippines. But, this was a fighter who was gaining traction, experience, and turning heads. 


Over the last 8 years, Claggett has posted a very good 17-4-1. Again, while impressing with 17 wins, his only setbacks were also very competitive. Losing close fights on the road and taking on any challenge put out there might not lend itself to a perfect record, but it did allow Claggett to develop into a world-class fighter. He was getting great experience and it was improving his game.


Claggett seems to take an old-school approach to his career and doesn’t let a few losses affect him. This is a refreshing take in an era where a loss seems to tarnish a fighter. Like the old-school pros before him (Marvin Hagler is a good example), Claggett doesn’t see losses as anything more than a learning experience and it is showing. He is fighting better now, 15 years and 46 fights into his career, than at any other time.


In pre-fight interviews, Claggett made it very clear that he was not only feeling more confident than he ever has but the best was indeed yet to come.


“I’m ready for the best, I’m ready for the top guys”, he said.


His promoter, Camille Estephan, of “Eye of The Tiger” Promotions, who directed the career of Montreal-based world champion David Lemieux, among others, is very excited about the development of Claggett. He also believes he will see the friendly, well-spoken Calgary, Alberta native fighting for a world title one day.   


“Clearly, Steve with his activity level and level of competition this year is showing he’s a real threat now to any champion”, he said. “I think we’re very close to getting a big opportunity. We will keep pushing because he deserves it.”


Claggett is currently inching toward a Top-10 world ranking in all major rating organizations.  At age 34, he has a big picture, old-school, patience and progress mindset. He is looking better every fight and will be more than ready when he gets the call for a world title shot one day. 



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