Conor Benn talks offer made to Gervonta Davis

Conor Benn takes some time to touch on the subject of making an offer for a Gervonta Davis fight, where Benn tells Davis to sign the contract and take the money for an easy win if that’s how Davis really views the matchup. Check out some of what Benn had to say on the topic below.

Benn on where he stands with offer to Gervonta Davis

“A serious offer has been made. Let’s just see if he’s all talk. All the talking is done. If he wants to come and fight don’t pipe up, start running your mouth on Twitter and then not sign the contract. If he thinks I’m easy work, no problem. Sign the contract.

“If 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 mil ain’t enough then stop piping up on Twitter. Stay quiet, stay at home with that little tag on your ankle with your house arrest instead of piping up on Twitter.

“I’m not really the guy for social media and all that. If you want to run your mouth, no problem — I’ll fight you, no problem. You think you fancy your chances? No problem, we can fight. It’s the same with Errol Spence piping up on social media. Well, let’s make the fight then.

“Open to him, we tried the Thurman, we tried the Barrios fight. Let’s make these fights then. All you lot want to run your mouth on Twitter. Well, let’s fight then. What, you’re telling me $10-15 mil ain’t enough to fight me?…If that ain’t enough then just keep doing what you’re doing, focus on what you’re doing.”

On where he plans to take his career is a Davis fight can’t be made

“I’d say domestically there ain’t really any massive names apart from Eubank, Smith, Brook, and you know, they’re not in their prime. So it is going Stateside for me, where I feel like where the near future the fights are going to be, because it’s all the Americans, top American names.

“I don’t believe there’s anyone domestically that I feel challenged to. Is it anticlimax to go from the names you’ve mentioned to my former opponents? Extremely.”

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