Mateo Ramos takes home championship title in National Silver Gloves Tournament

  • Video shows 10-year-old Mateo Ramos’s journey on becoming a two time national championship for the 2024 Silver Gloves National Tournament.
  • Mateo has been boxing since the age of six, what started off as a way for him to get out of his comfort zone has now turned in to a very important aspect in his life and is looking forward to his next big tournament in June.

At just 10 years old Mateo Ramos is undefeated, winning 5 boxing matches throughout the nation. He has been in the ring since the age of 6 and has no intentions of stopping any time soon.

“I never thought, I just thought that ‘oh I’m gonna do this and that’ but I never thought I would be able to join the competition team,” said Ramos.

With four years of experience under his belt, Ramos says he never imagined he would be where he is today.

Ramos recently returned from the 2024 Silver Gloves National Tournament which took place in Kansas City, taking home the crown for the second year in a row.

Ramos says preparing for these tournaments was challenging — putting his social life to the side and focusing more on practice time and healthy eating.

“He was always here, he was always working out, he was always active and he always wanted to do more than our average kids,” said Coach Katrina Nahe.

“The silver gloves you have kids from all over different regions and experience. So, this year Mateo you know fought on Saturday and came out victoriously like he always does,” said fight coordinator Rosie Nahe. “He’s just — you know what I mean, we call him El Toro because you know he’s just like a little bull he just goes forward and doesn’t stop.”

Both his mentor and coach say Ramos is fearless, and are truly impressed with his progress at such a young age.

His mom Miriam Arceo says he started boxing to get out of his shell but has seen much more than just a confidence boost.

“He was very shy, he is shy,” said Arceo. “You know he’s more mature, he’s more outgoing, he’s very respectful.”

What started as a simple hobby Ramos says has now become an important aspect of his life and is looking forward to the next time he gets back in the ring.

“When I first joined, I fell in love with the sport,” said Ramos.

“What is it about boxing that you love so much?”

“I like when — because I was always moved to moving around and throwing punches a lot,” said Ramos.

Mateo is currently on a roll as he is currently practicing for the national jr olympics in June in Wichita, Kansas.

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