How the Concho Boxing Club is prepping for Golden Gloves

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A group of U-18 boxers plan on putting San Angelo on the map after their performances in Midland this weekend.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — In the Concho Valley, numerous up-and-coming fighters are looking to create their legacy with their performances at the upcoming Twin Cities Golden Gloves Tournament.

These young athletes fell in love with the sport as early as age 2, like Pee-Wee boxer Jay Barron, who says this upcoming fight, is the fight of his life. 

“I have been ready for this fight my entire life and nothing is challenging to me. I am just ready for all that smoke. I am ready to fight and ready to win,” Barron said. 

Barron, 9, has been training for nearly all of his life, similar to his teammate, Elijah Loza, 12, who believes after losing his previous time at the Golden Gloves tournament, he is destined for victory. 

“I have worked so hard and kept training because last Golden Gloves, I lost. This year, I am coming back and I am going to win,” Loza said. 

Both of these fighters along with a dozen of their teammates are trained under Hector Govea, a man who boxed for years, but now his sole purpose is to give back to future generations. 

“It (coaching) drives me with passion. I see these kids working and I see some that have come in and do not know anything about boxing and they improve. Man, it looks good. I love it. It is all I want, all I coach for is for them to succeed,” Govea said. 

This team has been preparing for their upcoming contests in Midland starting on Friday, Feb. 23, and their goals have been outlined once their training camps begun. 

“It means everything to us. They bring home that Golden Glove, it is everything, man, because it is a big tournament and that is what we are here for. We are here to put San Angelo on the map,” Govea said. 

With their focus clear as day, all that comes next, is the performances they all believe will place them in first-place among their competitors.

“It is good to be apart of this team because they are all motivating. It is motivating to see us all training and working hard and I think all of us going (to compete in Golden Gloves) will win,” Loza said.

On Friday, the Concho Boxing Club travels to Midland where the first bout of the day will take place before noon.

Govea says anyone who wants to train alongside the team, their doors are open for new members.

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