Police Mentorship to start at Richmond boxing facility

RICHMOND, Ky. — Police officers are vital to a city’s safety and protection, but more often than not, most kids do not know their local men and women in blue. Now, in Richmond, that could change, because of a proposed mentorship program that will help kids get to know their local law enforcement.

What You Need To Know

  • Igo’s Boxing and Fitness Center wants to start a police mentorship program
  • The program would allow kids of all ages to discuss their problems with off-duty police officers
  • The idea comes from a movie that showcases the relationships between coaches and athletes and how differences can be made
  • Organizers are hoping to start the program soon

Igo’s Boxing and Fitness Center allows young kids to young adults partake in physical activities. It will soon teach more than sports by starting a police mentorship program.

Richmond police chief Rodney Richardson said, “We want to have a relationship with our citizens and not just a normal ‘Hello, how are you doing?’ But, a trusting relationship where we can interact with each other and our community.”

The program would allow kids of all ages to discuss their problems with off-duty police officers.

The officers would also pass along encouraging lessons to the kids, like the art of discipline and consistency.

Emmitt Igo, the head coach of Igo’s Boxing and Fitness Center, said, “That way, it would help them see the police officers as someone trying to help them, not an adversary.”

Manuel Morrissey, a boxer at the gym, said, “Having an outlet like this could save lives. Especially, since police are meant to save lives, they’re here to protect us. So, I think that will allow to break down those walls to build better relationships with law enforcement.”

The idea stems from a movie being filmed in Kentucky, called “This Field Looks Green To Me.” It’s the story of an integrated little league baseball team in 1954 and how the coaches changed the lives of the young athletes.

Ron Schmidt is the executive producer of the movie and he said the film is about relationships. 

Schmidt wants to build relationships with the police mentoring program. He came to Richmond after learning about Igo’s Gym’s mission to help kids both inside and outside the ring.

Schmidt said, “That’s the whole theme here between the movie and what we can do today as people in our communities, engaging kids, getting to know kids, understanding what they go through what their lives are like.”

According to Howard Bailey, the co-producer of the film, mentoring at the gym is sort of parallel to the mentoring the little league kids had

Bailey said, “They’re learning commitment to themselves, discipline, this is the kind of program that we need nationwide.”

Igo’s gym wants to inspire other communities to follow its lead.

Schmidt added, “Any role model that we can give could be life-changing for these kids.”

Organizers are hoping to start the program in the coming…

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