Leroy Clark’s boxing journey to go pro might take a slight detour to the

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Leroy Clark got into boxing to become a professional fighter. While getting experience in the amateur ranks, his career has taken him to a place he never knew he would be.

The national champion heavyweight boxer will be fighting in the Olympic Trials in December.

“Whenever I started this amateur journey, you know, the Olympics, they weren’t even in the question for me,” said Clark. “I wasn’t even thinking that. I just wanted to get as many accolades as I could before turning pro. But, now I have the opportunity. Now, that it is pretty much in my face, I’m going to do whatever it takes to get to the Olympics.”

Clark likes to stay active; that’s why he found himself fighting last week. Clark was already qualified for the Olympic Trials as a heavyweight when he decided to go to the Last Chance Qualifier in Colorado last week to try to make a second division as a super heavyweight. By his third fight, Clark achieved that goal before losing in the championship in his fourth fight. He said he will fight as a heavyweight in the Olympic trials, even after doing well as a super heavyweight.

“I didn’t feel much different when it came to power or anything like that,” said Clark. “I’ve been hit by smaller guys and they packed a bigger punch. But, I did fight one guy that ended up being taller than me. He ended up being 6’8″- 6’9.” That was different. That was the only obstacle, like, I really faced in the tournament that was different for me.”

Next for Clark is a tournament in Mesa, Arizona, in November. Why? Because as always, he wants to stay active.

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