Rafael Nadal reveals his son picked up his first tennis racket!

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Rafael Nadal reveals his son picked up his first tennis racket!
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Rafael Nadal gave an interview to Movistar in these hours and discussed many topics. From his private life to his rivalries. Many curiosities, which attracted the enthusiasm of his fans.Nadal also opened up about his son’s passion for the tennis racket, saying that the little boy finds it quite fun.

Rafa and his wife Maria Francisca Perello became parents on October 8 last year.

The Spanish tennis champion recounted the tender and funny moment with his son: “He went one day to the academy and held a tiny racket because he found it amusing but in the same way he finds spoon funny.

I always loved kids in general so if it’s yours even better.”

Rafael Nadal talked about his recovery and his come back

Nadal also explained during the interview with Movistar: “Last June 2nd I had hip surgery and since then I have done other things besides tennis, things I had never had the chance to do.

I’ve been through different phases but now I’m trying to enjoy life. When I made the announcement of my stop I didn’t know that I had to have surgery, and I have to say that since last year’s injury with Carlos it has always been tough.

There wasn’t a moment of tranquility, sometimes the results mask the suffering and the reality of every day.”Then Rafa continued: “I needed to stop, initially I thought I would be able to fully recover then I realized that I couldn’t there was no way to recover from the psoas problem.

I had to have surgery and since the operation things seem to have gone well. Then it took me several months to recover, the first few were complicated. Then I had to completely disconnect, spend five weeks just with my family and I had fun.”Finally, regarding his real chances to come back competitive, Rafa declared: “I would like to play again, I have the hope of becoming competitive again; I don’t want people to misunderstand, it’s not about winning Roland Garros or the Australian Open, I don’t consider it impossible but the priority is to return competitive.

In tennis, like all sports, you have to deal with insurmountable difficulties, one of these is age and when you get older it becomes tough. I can’t say what goals I have, I’m in the middle of a recovery process and I don’t know how things will go.”

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